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Dr. Baillings,

Are you ever going to post the solutions for Round One? I have been stuck on this part for a month. It would be awesome if you could walk
through what was expected for round one. That way we could all be on the same page. Then we all take advantage of the extra time to
shorten the code for the final project. I've not only asked you, but also other Graduate Students for help and nothing....... Everybody
acts like it's cheating to help anyone. So I'm basically resubmitting my original predictions over and over again (so is the majority of
the class). I'm not learning anything because there is nothing to go by. Although it has always been my experience to learn by failing at
UTK, I'm able to learn anything because I'm not getting any feedback so I'm just failing.

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Dear student,

Thank you for you feedback.

The solutions for round one are exactly the same as for every round,
so I cannot post it. Indeed groups are not allowed to collaborate, and that would be considered cheating.

However, there is an extensive set of options that you have at your disposal to get help:
1) This Q&A website
2) The coaching marketplace
3) I have 8 office hours per week where you can ask all your questions
4) Make an appointment with me if none of these options work for you: I'd be glad to find a time that works with your schedule.

These options have been there since the start of the class. Please use these options to get help, others are using it a lot.

I hope to see you in my office hours.

Michel Ballings

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