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Dr. Ballings,
Each time the grader will grade, will you post a new date to the "new data for scoring" link on Dropbox for him to download each time
he is grading for a new day?

Thank you,

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Dear Erin,

We discussed this in class today. As promised I will send a clarification by email today.

Michel Ballings

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Dr. Ballings,

In the clarification email "Grading folder structure" mentioned above, you say that the grader will
set his working directory to the folder 'DATA_GRADING'. Will this be a local directory with two the

I had been assuming that the working directory would have only the stock price data. Given that
assumption, my original thoughts were to store the list of stock price .csv's as an object in my model
building function using the following:

file_names <- dir( getwd() )

from which I could combine all of the data into a large data frame for training. However, if the
working directory stores two folders, one for the news articles and the other for the stock prices,
my idea would not work.

Is this a bad way to approach generalizing the read in code?

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Edit: sorry, I posted the above too quickly without signing it! This is Todd Young!


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