DATA_GRADING data from 2002 missing

Dr. Ballings,

I noticed that the data in the DATA_GRADING folder is limited to just 2001. Since we're predicting stocks for January 12, shouldn't there
also be data from January 1-11 included here?

Will Gates

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Answer or follow-up question 1

Also, it's not clear what the file names of the new data are going to be. Should we just leave that up to the grader for him to adjust?
For example, have a line such as: new.prices <- read.csv("...") since it's not yet clear what this file is.

Answer or follow-up question 2

Dear student,

This is just an example of what it will look like. As mentioned before, the filenames may change completely. What cannot change is the
folder names or structure. The grader might place all data from 2015 in there. A lot of data, few data,... everything goes.

So you cannot assume (i.e., hardcode) any file names: your code should be able to handle that automatically. The grader will not adjust
anything in your code.

Michel Ballings

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