Requesting a summary of results from Stock Prediction final submission

Dr. Ballings,

Would it be possible to get a final summary of results from the Stock Prediction project (Large Assignment)?
With a few things like the models used and how they performed and, if at all possible,
a few novelties implemented by a few top groups (if the groups are willing to share their secret with rest of the class, if you think it is
necessary to get their consent).
Otherwise a summarized form of learnings from the project in general.

I know it might not be easy to extract such information but I'm sure many of us would greatly benefit from those insights.


Answers and follow-up questions

Answer or follow-up question 1

Dear Tapajit,

I'll talk to the grader to extract information about the characteristics of the code.

Michel Ballings

Answer or follow-up question 2

Dr. Ballings,

I was wondering if you have any information on the topic, and if so, how you will share it.


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