Viewing files before reading into R using notepad

Dr. Ballings,
I am reviewing the in class assignment 3. When I go to view some of the data files before reading them in, they don’t appear
I am using notepad to view that data to hopefully see what the file should look like, but notepad and the url don’t show the data
I believe I had this issue in class and I forget if we found a resolution to it or not. What should I use besides notepad to view the data
before reading them into R?


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Dear Brady,

This is probably due to the difference in line feeds and carriage returns between Unix and Windows systems. Since you mention Notepad you
are on a Windows system and therefore you probably have Wordpad installed. I would try with Wordpad first and see if that helps. There are
probably better text editors for Windows (one I can think of is Scite), but since I am not a Windows user I am of little help here. I'm glad
to help you out if you come to my office hours.

Michel Ballings

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