Warning in install.packages : package ‘impute’ is not available (for R version 3.2.3)

Hello Dr. Ballings,

When trying to install any of your impute packages, I run across an error message saying that the package is unavailable for R version
3.2.3, which to my knowledge is the most up to date version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Andrew S.

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Hello Andrew,

The package is called imputeMissings and not impute.
Does that solve your problem?

Michel Ballings

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Dr. Ballings,

I tried imputeMissings as well as impute and it gave the same error message. I believe other people are running into the same problem also.

Andrew S.

Answer or follow-up question 3


I cannot replicate the problem.

I have version R version 3.2.3 and everything works fine:

> install.packages("imputeMissings")
The downloaded binary packages are in
> library(imputeMissings)

Can you paste the output of install.packages("imputeMissings") and library(imputeMissings) here?

Michel Ballings

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