Large Assignment: Input / Output and function deliverables

I am still confused about the large assignment.

For the data file we will receive on Wednesday, will it look like one of the stock price csv files or a collection of these files?

And what are the expected input arguments and output values of the modelbuilding and predict functions? I'm imagining a .csv file input and
a vector of
the dependent variables with values of 1s and 0s. But what is the difference between the modelbuilding and predict functions?

Sincere apologies if I sound like I'm asking you for the solution to the whole project.


Answers and follow-up questions

Answer or follow-up question 1

Dear Bertilla,

The output of the modelBuilding function should be a model.
The output of the predict function is a prediction (vector of scores).

Let me know if that is not clear.

Michel Ballings

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