Question about the NYSE dataset for Large Assignment - heavily skewed dependent variable

I was looking at the NYSE dataset for the Large Assignment and tried to find out what percentage of data would have a response of 1
according to the given criteria.
I hope I'm not giving away too much information here, but I got the following output from running this code:

sum(ifelse(datafile$ / datafile$ > 1.1, 1, 0))/nrow(datafile)
[1] 0.003644621

here "datafile" contains the whole data from all the csv files given.

With only 0.3% response as "1" and 99.7% as "0", it would seem a constant prediction of "0" would give 99.7% accuracy ...

You mentioned in the class that a 90% accurate prediction is considered very good, with much lower expectation from stock market prediction
so if you could give some hints on what I'm missing here that would be great.


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Answer or follow-up question 1

Dear Tapajit,

It makes a lot more sense to go with 1.01 instead of 1.1. What is the distribution for that threshold?

Michel Ballings

Answer or follow-up question 2

Dr. Ballings,

For a threshold of 1.01 we have 23.6% "1"s

sum(ifelse(datafile$ / datafile$ > 1.01, 1, 0))/nrow(datafile)
[1] 0.2360869

Should we use 1.01 then?


Answer or follow-up question 3



Michel Ballings

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