How to use validation method on two separate data sets (test data= jan2nd & train data=prev.yr data+jan1st data)

Hello Dr. Ballings,

Since we are looking at two separate data sets, can you explain how can we use the validation method?
In class, you have shown us how to use one data set to separate into the 3 parts, so I'm confused as to how
we can separate our test data (jan2nd data only) into 3 parts since we already have our train data from the
previous year data+ jan1st data. Could you elaborate on how we can/should approach this situation.

Thank you.

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Dear student,

In this case jan2nd is the equivalent of the test data that we use in class.
In class our test data does have a dependent variable, but in the assignment is does not (i.e., you do not get jan3rd).

prev.yr data+jan1st data is the training data + validation data (or trainbig as we call it in class).

It that clear?

Michel Ballings

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