HW#3 Question 1: Medium Tenure, High Spend

Hi Dr. Ballings,

For the first problem in HW3, you want us to find the probability of Churn with Medium Tenure, High Spend.
Manually doing the problem, I got an answer.

*BUT When I was using the naiveBayes() to check my work, I can't find a row that has an instance that satisfies the Medium Tenure, High
Spend criteria (see below)

How are we suppose to use the naiveBayes() command to check our work, if there is not "Medium Tenure, High Spend" criteria instance?

churn tenure spend
1 0 long high
2 0 long high
3 1 short high
4 1 medium medium
5 1 medium low
6 0 medium low
7 1 short low
8 0 long medium
9 1 long low
10 1 medium medium
11 1 long medium
12 1 short medium
13 1 short high
14 0 medium medium

Please advise.


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Dear Jian,

Can you please following the posting guide and repost the question.

In the 'Question title' field: do not refer to a question, exercise, page, or section number. Do not say things like assignment, or
tomorrow's assignment. Instead, describe the problem. Make the title as specific as possible. If you cannot make the title specific this
means that you need to give it more thought or break up the problem in smaller subproblems.

Michel Ballings

Answer or follow-up question 2

Answered here:

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