Tuning in Decision Trees

In this code, what is the [,2] column that this is referring to?
predTree <- predict(tree,BasetableVAL)[,2]

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It is my understanding that the [,2] is referring to the probability of the response variable being 0 or 1 (i.e., the predictions of your

I hope this helps!

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Dear student,

Just the clarify the answer by the previous poster:

If you do

predict(tree,BasetableVAL, type="prob")

you will get two columns. The first one is the probability that the instance has label 0, and the
second column is the probability that the instances has label 1.

We want the second one, and therefore we do [,2]

Michel Ballings

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FYI: Also this is unrelated to tuning a decision tree.

Michel Ballings

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