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Dr. Ballings,

I have an issue with merging after aggregating the the Companies. Here is the situation:

*I have successfully aggregated the COMPANIES Data Set name AGG.COMPANIES by consolidating all the Story_ID's according to their Company_ID,
so it looks like this:

Company_ID TimeSTAMP_UTC Story_ID
1 1/1/1990 B8094E11C1279FAF1A231FE2161FA5DB
2 1/1/1995 3F064F7FCB18A86B39A7B1DAD7F353E9, 3BF76F95D39120A64F689AEC98AA6F55.....
3 1/3/2000 0D2922F8ECDD8FBB8E08857A5595B2FD, 9E98E0308356707B67248724EF9E8ECE.....

When I try coding----MERGE <- merge(AGGRG.COMPANIES, STORIES, by= "STORY_ID")---, it only merge the rows that had ONE single Story_ID, and
it did not merge the rows with multiple Story_ID's aggregated ( e.g. Company 2 and 3 above). I try aggregating STORIES dataset by Story_ID
and Time, but all stories have unique STORY_ID's so I can't aggregate by STORY_ID, This leaves to the do I solve this
problem of merging by Story_ID which has rows with multiple unique identifiers?

How do I merge two data sets that allows me to fully merge the rows with multiple STORY_ID's (company 2 and 3 above) and at the same time
merge all their relevant information merge by STORY_ID?

please advise,


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Dear Jian,

Indeed you cannot do it like that.

You want to create a dtm on each story and then aggregate them (sum) by stock and day.

Only then you can merge with the NYSE data.

Michel Ballings

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