Manually Evaluate Neural Network

In order to manually calculate a one-instance neural network, which is the correct formula for y-hat?

z = [{(x1*w1-4+b) + (x2*w2-4+b) + (x3*w3-4+b)}{w4-y} +1] + [{(x1*w1-5+b) + (x2*w2-5+b) + (x3*w3-5+b)}{w5-y} +1]
y-hat = e^z/(1+e^z)


z = Activation[{Activation of (x1*w1-4+b) + (x2*w2-4+b) + (x3*w3-4+b)}{w4-y} + 1] + [{Activation of (x1*w1-5+b) + (x2*w2-5+b) +
(x3*w3-5+b)}{w5-y} + 1]

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Dear student,

I can't answer this because it is too close to the assignment. I can give you some pointers:

Compute the alpha of z of the hidden nodes.
Use these values to compute the alpha of z for yhat.

Michel Ballings

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